Cooperative Human Activity Recognition and Localization for Healthcare and Wellbeing

A Research Council of Norway (NFR) project within the IKTPLUSS program
Project leader: Matthias Pätzold
Project duration: July 2020 – 2022


A Wireless In-Home Healthcare Monitoring System for Supporting Independent Living of Elderlies (WiCare)


Aging and its resultant physical and mental disorders are very serious concerns around the world. In recent years, various in-home healthcare monitoring systems have been proposed for obviating dangerous consequences of incidents threatening elderlies living at home. The drawback of existing solutions is that they are generally based on wearable monitoring devices, which may easily be forgotten to wear or ignored by the user for privacy and comfort reasons. The WiCare project proposes a groundbreaking in-home healthcare monitoring solution that does not require the involvement of the home occupants, which can live their daily life without the need to wear any kind of sensors. Another advantage of the proposed WiCare system is that it allows for user monitoring without using video capturing devices. This means that WiCare respects the user’s privacy, and it will be much less intrusive compared to video surveillance techniques. The aim of this research project is to design, prototype, and test the WiCare system, which transmits radio waves from which information about the user activities will be extracted. The received signals will be processed to detect predefined threats, such as falls, irregular home-side activities, and home-leaving preparations, which is of special importance for people suffering from dementia.

The project utilizes the Agder Living Lab concept to assure a seamless transition from a novel research-level idea to a testable system prototype, in which end-user requirements are integrated. The project consortium involves a panel of mobile radio communications experts and e-health specialists at the University of Agder (UiA), national end-users, world-class academic and industry partners across the world, 3 postdocs and 1 PhD fellow. The project management team takes this opportunity to develop knowledge in cutting-edge mobile-health technologies in Norway and to coin an elegant technological healthcare solution that increases the quality of life.

A FRINATEK project
Project leader: Matthias Pätzold


Funding Organization: NFR

NFR-Project No.: 261895

Duration: 2017–2021


A Contactless Power and Data Transceiver Connector System for Subsea Instumentation, Environment Surveillance, and Fish Farming (CAPS)

A RFFVEST project
Project leader: Blue Logic, Norway
Project duration: June 2016 – May 2019


LTE, WIFI and 5G Massive MIMO Communications in Maritime Propagation Environment (MAMIME)

A Research Council of Norway (NFR) project within the MAROFF program
Project leader: Superradio AS, Norway
Project duration: May 2016 – April 2019


Development of Future Research Project Proposals on aWireless In-Home Monitoring System for People with Healthcare Needs (WiCare Pre)

Project leader: Matthias Pätzold
Project duration 2015 – 2016


Mathematics Education Project

The project studies the impact of students’ learning skills, background knowledge, and teaching methods on the students’ performance in mathematics.
Project duration: Autumn 2013 – open
Project members:
Mathematics Education Research Group Agder: Simon Goodchild and Pauline Voss and
Mobile Communications Group: Matthias Pätzold and Katharina Pätzold



Coordinated by the University of Agder, Norway,the S2EuNet combines in total 13 partner universities from Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, USA, China, Mexico and Tunisia.
Project duration: June 2010 – June 2014.


 M2M = M obile- to – M obile Communication Systems

A Research Council of Norway (NFR) project within the VERDIKT program
Project leader: Matthias Pätzold, University of Agder (UiA), Grimstad
Local project leader: Are Hjørungnes, University Graduate Center (UniK), Oslo
Project duration: September 2007 – August 2011


OptiMO = Opti mized Heterogeneous Multiuser MI MO Networks

A Research Council of Norway (NFR) project within the VERDIKT program
Project leader: Are Hjørungnes, University Graduate Center (UniK). Oslo
Local project leader: Matthias Pätzold, University of Agder (UiA), Grimstad
Project duration: September 2006 – August 2011

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