Staff members

Prof. Matthias Pätzold
Head of the Mobile Communications Group
Dr. Rym Hicheri
Dr. Muhammad Muaaz
Dr. Nurilla Avazov
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ahmed Abdelgawwad
PhD Student
Hasan Najjar
PhD Student
Sahil Waqar
PhD Student
Katharina Pätzold
Administrative Assistent

Alumni: Past PhD students or postdocs

  • Ali Chelli, PhD Thesis: Channel Modelling and System Performance Analysis of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Systems, August 2013.
    Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at UiA, MCG.
  • Alireza Borhani, PhD Thesis: Modelling and Analysis of Non-Stationary Mobile Fading Channels Using Brownian Random Trajectory Models, October 2014.
    Current position: Global Digitalization Leader at Nøsted.
  • Batool Talha, PhD Thesis: Mobile-to-Mobile Cooperative Communication Systems: Channel Modeling and System Performance Analysis, October 2010.
    Current position: ABB, Oslo, Norway.
  • Bjørn Olav Hogstad, PhD Thesis: Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Fading Channel Models and Their Capacity, April 2008.
    Current position: Assoc. Professor, NTNU, Norway.
  • Carlos Adrian Gutierrez, PhD Thesis: Channel Simulation Models for Mobile Broadband Communication Systems, September 2013.
    Current position: Assoc. Professor, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
  • Cheng-Xiang Wang, PhD Thesis: Sum-of-Sinusoids Mobile fading Channel Models with Applications to Error Models, September 2004.
    Current position: Professor of Wireless Communications, Southeast University, Nanjing, China, IEEE fellow.
  • Dmitry Umanskiy, PhD Thesis: Measurement-Based Channel Simulation Models for Mobile Communication Systems, February 2010.
    Current position: GE Healthcare, Horten, Norway.
  • Gulzaib Rafiq, PhD Thesis: Statistical Analysis of the Capacity of Mobile Radio Channels, February 2011.
    Current position: ABB, Oslo-Skien, Norway.
  • Meisam Naderi, PhD Thesis: Modelling, Analysis, and Simulation of Underwater Acoustic Channels, October 2017.
    Current position: Senior Analyst at Accenture, Oslo, Norway
  • Nurilla Avazov: PhD Thesis: Geometry-Based Channel Models for Car-to-Car Communication Systems and Applications, October 2015
    Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at UiA, MCG.
  • Yuanyuan Ma, PhD Thesis: Broadband Wireless Communication Systems: Channel Modeling and System Performance Analysis, November 2011.
    Current position: Assoc. Professor, China.